Halifax, Nova Scotia

The capital of Nova Scotia is a beautiful city that seat on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Halifax has quit the maritime history that was a ...
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Saint John

Saint John sits on the Bay of Fundy and has many sights to see during your stop here. In order to see the most of ...
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Podcasts I’m Enjoying

The rise of podcasts allows me to have background sound while I am working or traveling. I can binge listen during my 8 plus hour ...
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Portland, Maine – The Forest City

I have been to Portland twice and have had different experiences each time. My first trip to Portland was during a road trip I took ...
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Finisci di Mangiare!

Pasta and seafood and granita, oh my! The one thing I was looking forward to on this trip was all of the wonderful food! Preparing ...
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Siracusa & Ortygia

We booked a tour to Siracusa and Ortygia from Taormina. Siracusa is about an hour or so south of Taormina. When we were planning our trip ...
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