Seedling Update

The seeds that I planted in mid-February have been happily sprouting!  I have kept the seedlings in the window and even though the temperatures have dipped a bit and we have had snowfall again after multiple days with very spring-like days.  Unfortunately old man winter does not want to release his hold and allow Spring to take hold.

So far I am pleased with the results I have been getting.  The first two weeks after planting continued to be on the milder side with sunshine will gave the seedlings optimal start.  The tray that I am using definitely provided a ‘greenhouse’ effect and self watered the seeds in the beginning.  After two weeks the majority of the seeds that were planted began sprouting and showing healthy seedlings.

Version 2
Vegetables at 2 weeks

As you can see the summer squash seeds have really began healthy and were already starting to pop the top off slightly with it’s size.  I kept the seedlings in this tray for a little longer.  We did get another cold snap and snowstorms in the area, but from what I could gather there was no issues with the seedlings during that time period, just the fact that life got a little busy and I was not able to keep up with the watering as I needed to.

Vegetables at week 3

I also decided at this point in that that it would be best to ‘repot’ some of the seedlings into larger 4 inch pots.  I figured it would be best to at least repot 1 plant of each vegetable to ensure that I have healthy viable plants to put into the garden once the time comes.  Now I just have to wait for my new larger pots to arrive and some weather that will allow me not to dig out from under snow to get to my gardening supplies (fingers crossed this predicted Nor’easter does not materialize and we don’t get the foot of snow forecasted!)

Herbs at week 2

The herbs on the other hand are not growing as large at the vegetables and were able tostay in the ‘self watering’ stage a little longer.  In the beginning it looked as if not all of the herb seeds were going to be viable and not sprout.  After a little longer time period I did get some more seeds sprout.  For now I am going to keep the herbs in this tray until the time comes where they out grow this system and need a larger pot until planting time!

Herbs at week 3

I am very happy with the way the seeds are currently progressing.  There appears to be no issue with the seeds being in the window and the fluctuating temperatures.  I’m just hoping that whatever comes our way in the next few days is the last hurrah from old man winter!  I am hoping that I can start moving forward with the garden prepping for when planting time comes!






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