Travels near and far!

Queenstown – Nevis Swing

Queenstown, New Zealand is known as the adventure capital of the world and boy did it live up to that for me! Before I get ...
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The city on the southeast coast of Australia is a place you should definitely check out if you get the opportunity. Yes the travel to ...
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St. Maarten

The tiny island in the Caribbean Sea is an idyllic vacation spot. The small island in the Caribbean Sea is the ideal location to lay ...
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Sometimes when you mention you are going on a cruise people look at you and say 'Oh nice, I couldn't be trapped on a boat' ...
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Halifax, Nova Scotia

The capital of Nova Scotia is a beautiful city that seat on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Halifax has quit the maritime history that was a ...
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Saint John

Saint John sits on the Bay of Fundy and has many sights to see during your stop here. In order to see the most of ...
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