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Day 6 – Our Last Day

It’s our last day in South Africa and our last game drive.  It was another early morning, and it was slightly tougher than other mornings since we have had lots of early mornings, busy days, and not a lot of sleep.  We bundled up again and headed out to the dark of the morning for a cup of coffee to warm up before heading to the our car.  We made sure we had our ponchos on as we started our drive as the sun was rising above the mountains.  We were going to track the lions again in hopes of seeing the entire pride before we left.

DSC_0772George began tracking the lions prints in the road, he slowed down and showed us the tracks that he was following.  He could tell they were fresh tracks so that meant we were on the right path.  We kept driving around in hopes of being on the right path to see the pride of lions.   George was getting calls on his radio that there were sightings of the lions and he sped to the location.

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When we got to the spot George was told the lion was spotted we saw not only the head male lion but 2 female lions and a CUB!  It was so exciting to see the cub lion!  They arenot sure right now if the cub is male or female, but it was definitely cute!  As we were watching the female lions and cub we saw the second male lion come out of the bush.  We were all very excited that on our last morning in South Africa we were able to see a pride of lions!

The pride just strolled along the road and we moved off to let another car to come up and see the pride.  We drove around a little longer when George got another call that the price was out and active again!  George raced us over to the next location they were spotted.  When we go to where the pride was we found all of the adult lions laying about the side of the road and the young cub in a playful mood of running around and jumping on the other lions….guess lion cubs are like human toddlers!  After a while the lions began to stroll off and again, we left to let other cars could have a chance to watch the pride for a while.

We were all very excited and grateful to George that he tracked the lions and allowed us to see them before we left!

We headed back to the lodge for a final breakfast and to make sure we had everything packed up and ready for our 2 hour drive back to the airport.  Before we left the lodge we made sure that our little group got one last group photo!


Even though we were all scattering to different airlines and different flights home, we didn’t want to leave our group just yet, so we all had one last lunch with our tour manager before we all dispersed.  South Africa definitely made a lasting impression on me, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime.

‘I never knew of a morning in South Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.’ – Ernest Hemingway 

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