Iceland Day 4 – Blue Lagoon

Our last full day in Iceland was dedicated to a day of relaxation.  We decided to have the Blue Lagoon as our big activity.  The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa on located Reykjanes Peninsula.  The Blue Lagoon is a man-made lagoon which the water is fed by the local geothermal power plant and is renewed every 48 hours.  The pool was first form in 1976 from waste water from the power plant.  When the water did not evaporate an employee of the power plant decided to bath and found that the water and silica in the pool helped with their skin.  In 1982 word got out about the healing powers of the geothermal pool and people started using the pool.  In 1992 the Blue Lagoon company was formed and the pool was open to the public for use.  The water temperature in the bathing and swimming area averages 99–102 °F.  Since the Blue Lagoon is located approximately 20 minutes from the airport many people save this stop right before they leave.  The tour that we booked had us leaving at 8 am but the return time was flexible so we were able to decide how long we wanted to be here.

img_0152There are many options to visit the Blue Lagoon – rent a car and drive yourself, a bus to and from the airport, or other local tour agencies.  We stuck with the company that we booked our other tours.  We arrived to the lagoon after an approximately 50 minute drive after our pickup at a local hotel.  During the drive we encountered what would be considered a typical Icelandic day, sun, then clouds, then rain, then rainbow!  I took this as a sign that the weather would cooperate and we would have a good day at the lagoon with little or no rain!



The bus that we took dropped us off at the beginning of the walk way we had to take to the entrance of the Blue Lagoon.  The pathway you take is surrounded by rock formations and another geothermal pool.  This is not a pool that anyone baths in.

You enter the reception area when you enter into the building.  When you go up to register we had the ability to upgrade from our general admission that we purchased with the tour.  We all decided to upgrade to the premium package that includes the use of a bathrobe, flip flops, first drink at the outdoor bar, reservations to the restaurant, and a sparkling wine drink at the Lava restaurant.  We made 12 o’clock reservations for lunch at Lava restaurant.  We decided this would give us a good amount of time in the swimming area.  Before leaving the reception area we were all given our towel, robe, flip flops and a bracelet to wear while we were at the lagoon.  This bracelet is the key to lock and unlock the locker you use, track the drinks at the swim up bar and even ‘pay’ for your meal at the restaurant.  This is a nice and convenient way to go about the day!

After you are completed with registering you then proceed to the locker room.  You can choose any locker to use since the bracelet is your key.  There is a strict showering policy for everyone before you are allowed to enter the swimming area.  There are several showers that you can use.  I was a little apprehensive about this part of the experience since everything I have read online it made it appear that the showering area was a large communal area.  The reality is there are several individual shower stalls that are equipped with shower gel and conditioner.  It is very important to condition your hair PRIOR to entering the swimming area.  The minerals in the water can really dry your hair out so it is actually suggested that when you shower condition and then leave the conditioner in your hair for when you go into the lagoon.  After you shower you can then put on your bathing suit and head off to the swimming area.

The day we went was slightly chilly so it was nice go into the warm geothermal water!

img_0171img_0172Once you get into the water all you need to do is relax!  We walked around the lagoon to see what was where and to scope out where the silica is for masks and the best place for relaxing.  The silica is actually located at a little ‘swim up hut’.  Here you can scoop out the silica from a bowl that is stilling on the ledge and put it on your face.  You are suppose to put it on and let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes.  As it sits on your face you can feel it harden slightly.  Once the silica is dried you then wash it off with in the pool.  Personally I did find a slight difference in the feel of my skin after I washed the silica off.

img_0193img_0186After the skin treatment we then moved on to finding a spot to just relax!  There are several areas in the pool that you sit on a ledge in the water and there are also rocks that you can just chill and relax.  It was a nice change of pace from the rest of the trip which was go go go.  It was a good chance to just sit and get re-energized!  We also indulged in a free drink while we were relaxing in the warm water. There are several choices for drinks so there is something for everyone.  We did explore the area to see what was around.  There is a special cordoned off area that is used for in water massages.  You have the opportunity to book one at the reception area.  There is also a sauna and steam room as well as a waterfall and a little cave you can sit in.  The entire area is relaxing.  Be prepared though, there is construction going on at the property since they are in the process of building a hotel.  While we were there we did not even notice it except for a few cranes around the perimeter.

We went to Lava for lunch were you can also choose to do a two or three course meal for a set price or an al a cart meal.  I wasn’t too hungry so I just chose to have soup and a dessert.  That was perfect for me!  We also go a complimentary sparkling wine with our meal which really made you feel indulgent!  This is definitely a day that you spoil yourself! After our lunch a few of us found the relaxation area that is quiet and contains several lounge chairs that you can just sit and relax and look out onto the lagoon.  It was a nice way to end the time at the Lagoon.  I would definitely recommend going here when you are in Iceland to experience at least once and to treat yourself to a day of relaxation!img_0208


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