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Iceland – Some of our favorite spots


Even though the trip was a short and busy one it was definitely a memorable one!  We definitely spent some time on the main strip and had some delicious meals.  Something we heard a lot of was – hope you are able to find something to eat because Iceland is not known for their cuisine.  Well, I can say that all meals that I had while there I enjoyed!  Of course for breakfast the favorite stop was Reykjavik Roasters.  Delicious made to order coffee and yummy food offerings.

Seafood Bisque @ Jorgensen

Since the majority of our days were go go go we really only had one other large meal a day.  The first night we didn’t want to go too far since we had a tour booked that was picking us up at our apartment.  We walked a short distance to Jorgensen Kitchen & Bar.  The ambiance in this restaurant is very sleek and modern.  The meal we had here was also delicious!  I started my dinner with seafood bisque.

Personally  I am a seafood lover and if I am in a location that has fresh seafood I am all onboard!  The bisque is cod, shrimp and mussels.  They serve the soup table side meaning they pour the liquid over the seafood when they serve you.

Slow Cooked Cod @ Jorgensen

For my main course I enjoyed the slow cooked cod.  The cod is served with grapes, tomatoes, dates, and fennel over barley.  For the first meal in Iceland it definitely debunked all the rumors that Iceland is not known for their food!

The next meal that debunked Iceland food was at Harry’s.  This meal I decided to try an entree that Iceland is known for – Lamb.  I decided to have the Braised Lamb in Red Wine.  Wow – the meat was cooked to perfection to the point that the meat just fell off the bone.  The meat was tender and succulent.  Carrots and broccoli was served as a side dish.  This night we decided to indulge in dessert.  There were so many options that looked too good to pass over so we decided to share a few desserts.

Dessert @ Harry’s

We went with the homemade French chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice cream and the warm apple pie.  It was a nice way to end the meal here!


Mussels @ Uno

Our last night in Reykjavik we walked around before dinner and found Uno.  No, its not the chance restaurant Pizzeria Uno.  This Uno is known for their pasta but I went for the local seafood again.  This time I settled on mussels which are pretty much my favorite seafood.  Uno mussels are cooked in white wine, herbs, garlic and lemon and served with fries and a chill mayo.  Personally I am not a mayo fan so I was just as happy to dip my fries in the mussel sauce.

Version 2

And since it was the last night of our vacation I did splurge and indulge in a little Prosecco.  When you are on vacation is is nice to indulge and treat yourself.

I would highly recommend any of the restaurants we ate at while in Iceland.  They all proved to us that Iceland is a destination that should be known for their food!

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