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Podcasts I’m Enjoying

The rise of podcasts allows me to have background sound while I am working or traveling. I can binge listen during my 8 plus hour of working a day or catch up while I am sitting on a plane or train.

Slow Burn

Slates Slow Burn currently has 2 seasons available for your listening pleasure. The first season centers around Watergate and Richard Nixon. If you read ‘All the Presidents Men’ or seen the movie you know a little about Watergate but this podcast shines light on the inner workings of Watergate. As you listen to the events of Watergate and the surrounding events there were times where I had to step back and think ‘what era are we talking about?’

The second season focuses on Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinksy. This topic is big this year since it is the 20thanniversary of the scandal. I was alive for this scandal but the podcast brings to light events that I was not aware and eye opening while listening with older ears.

My Favorite Murder

With the popularity of ‘Serial’ season 1 there was a rise in true crime junkies. Instead of listening to another investigative podcast about one crime ‘My Favorite Murder’ takes a different spin. Each host retells a murder – either well known or obscure. They put their humor in the retelling of the stories to make it a little more lighthearted, but this doesn’t mean they downplay the topic. When you are listening to this podcast you feel as though they are having a conversation with you on all topics they discuss, not just murder, but mental illness, survival, and supporting a community.

American Scandal

Wondrey’s American Scandal goes behind the scandals you read or hear in the news. You may know what you have heard but now you will find out what went on behind the scenes. To date American Scandal has covered BALCO, where you are reminded that it was bigger than just Barry Bonds, and Elliot Spitzer, where you find out the contentiousness behind the governor’s seat. The current season is covering the IRAN Contra Affair.

Business Wars/Business Wars Daily

Another Wondrey podcast duo that I’m enjoying is Business Wars and Business Wars Daily. While Business Wars Daily give short updates on current business events, such as how luggage companies are competing to grab the eyes of travelers who want to only have a carryon, or cycling companies competing to bring fitness enthusiasts into a cycling class or in the privacy of their own home.

Business Wars takes a deeper look into competition of companies and how they try to grow their market to be number 1. So far Business Wars has taken a look at Marvel vs. DC comics, Napster vs. the record industry, Xbox vs. Playstation. These are all products or industries you are familiar with – maybe you were even a college kid who was downloading music from Napster – so it is interesting to hear the behind the scenes fight to make the company #1.

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