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Saint John

Saint John sits on the Bay of Fundy and has many sights to see during your stop here. In order to see the most of the city in the short amount of time we have we took a bus trip to take us to the highlights. Once we left the cruise terminal we drove through the city to our first stop – Saint John City Market. Saint John City Market is the oldest continuously operated farmers market in Canada. The outside the brick building is a little unassuming, but once you walk through the doors you are treated an indoor famers market of sort. There are stalls set up where you can buy local goods such as maple syrup or you can pick up some local souvenirs like photos from a local photographer. There are also food stalls if you want to pick up a coffee or maybe breakfast or lunch. This market reminds me a little of the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

After we hit up the market we headed over to another treasure of the city, the Reversing Rapids. We actually stopped here twice during our tour. The first time we stopped the St. John River was flowing towards the Bay of Fundy. There is a zip line that you can do across the river if you are looking for a little adventure. The second time we stopped the river was just starting to change direction where the Bay of Fundy started to flow into the St. John River. Unfortunately we were unable to get the full effect of the reversing rapids.

We took a drive out the point on the Bay of Fundy were we could walk on the floor of the bay during low tide we first made a stop in Saint Martins. Here we took a little stop to walk around and get another visual of low tide. Here we saw boats resting on the bottom of the bay. The boats have to be secured on top of crates to ensure the bottoms of the boats are not destroyed during low tide.

Our final stop started with fantastic seafood chowder at Seaside Restaurant that sits on the Bay of Fundy. After lunch we had the chance to walk the Bay of Fundy! This was a surreal experience to know that in just a few hours when it is high tide the rocks that I was standing on will be covered with water. We could walk a good distance into the bay and into the cave. I did not take that trek since the day we were there was a bit chilly and I did not have the correct footwear to walk through a fairly large pool of water left behind. This is definitely I suggest as a must do when you are in Saint Johns, walking around on the bottom of the bay is a once in a lifetime experience.

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