Recipes that I try and meals I make ahead to make life easier!

Grandpop’s Turkey Soup

Ingredients: 4 Onions Chopped 4 Stalks Celery Chopped Celery Leaves Chopped 2 Boxes Chicken Broth 4 Turkey Wings 2 Turkey ...
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Thanksgiving Meal

Each year I host Thanksgiving dinner for usually 8 - 10 guests. Since I have a somewhat small kitchen and ...
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Finisci di Mangiare!

Pasta and seafood and granita, oh my! The one thing I was looking forward to on this trip was all ...
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Planning Ahead

Sundays are for meal planning and prepping. Since this Sunday is a rainy dreary day it was the perfect day ...
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Iceland – Some of our favorite spots

Even though the trip was a short and busy one it was definitely a memorable one!  We definitely spent some ...
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